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Welcome to Sharkchic Photography!

A website dedicated to showing the beauty of sharks and other wildlife.

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Presented by Taylor Meadows, founder and photographer.

My mission is to bring to light the true nature of sharks and other wildlife through photography and videography. My team and I are very passionate about what we do here, and we hope to extend that same passion to you!

On this website we will cover:

Shark Photographs and Videos

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To counter the pictures and videos shown in the media, which mostly consist of "Jaws" related content such as blood or shark attacks, these photos and videos show sharks in their natural environment.

No MO Shark Fins


A cause dedicated to exposing the shark fin trade in the world and in Missouri, while representing Missourians in the fight against the fin trade.

Blogs, Events, and More!

Pres at TJ.HEIC

On our blogs tab, you can read stories from different adventures. Sharkchic Photography also takes No MO Shark Fins to different locations to give presentations on the shark fin trade in Missouri, and what we can do about it. Check out any upcoming events under the Events tab!