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Who We Are

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Taylor Graves


Jack Meadows


Nathan Meadows

Photographer/Diver/Head Cinematographer
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Lindsay Meadows

Event Photographer/Diver/Researcher


My name is Taylor Graves, and I am the founder of  Sharkchic Photography, a site dedicated to showcasing the beauty of nature, specifically sharks. I first started diving with sharks when my dad took me to Guadalupe Island, where I turned 10 years old on the boat. On that adventure, the President of San Diego Shark Diving Expeditions gave me the nickname Sharkchic. That name stuck, and became the inspiration for my website and photography. Ever since I was little, my dad (Nathan) has taken my brother (Jack) and me to some amazing places to show us the beauty of the world and nature, and our obsession is with sharks and the ocean. My passion lies with sharks, and when I graduated high school, I started studying Marine Biology at Central Methodist University. Once I got married and had my twins, I transferred to study at Unity Environmental University.



A blog published on the Shark Allies Website with pictures by Sharkchic Photography. You can check it out at 


A blog published on the Wonders of Wildlife website about the shark fin trade in Missouri and how we can help stop it. You can check it out at

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